A diverse, fully qualified Montessori team who seek to educate and unlock each child’s full potential

Welcome to Little Cakes

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I’m Alpa, Founder, Teacher (and Mother) of Little Cakes Montessori School, which was born from my genuine passion for working with children and my frustration of not being able to find a school for my daughter (Milly) that ticked all of my boxes.


Is she going to be safe? Will she ever stop crying and enjoy it? Will she get to enjoy the outdoors? Will she receive individual attention and actually learn something?

With Little Cakes Montessori I have managed to open a school that I know would make Milly very happy... in fact, I can proudly say that each and every one of my children at Little Cakes Montessori is more than happy.


My team and I work tirelessly to ensure that being at Little Cakes Montessori is more than just basic childcare, it’s a family, a home away from home! Where teaching, nurturing and preparing your children for their next stage in life is at the core of everything

we do.


Call me, email me or better… come and see me, even if you just want some advice!

Alpa Chauhan XXX

Meet Our Amazing Team

At Little Cakes our staff are EVERYTHING! Experience and a sincere passion for childcare is critical and we pride ourselves on having some of the best teachers in the local area!


They have years of experience, are parents and genuinely care (and they all seem to bake!)

Mrs A Chauhan

Once a city worker, turned full time mum of 2, decided to leverage her 12 years of childcare experience and Psycological Sciences degree to obtain her International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy. The Montessori philosophy left such a mark that she decided to open her own school! Loves to bake, loves to run and keep fit, mostly by running around like crazy trying to make everything perfect! Oh... and she see's herself as a Master Baker!

Mrs K Egan

Another city worker, turned full time mum of 3, Katie decided to focus on childcare approx. 5 years ago. Currently studying for a Diploma in Early Years Education and Childcare she loves long walks with her dogs in and around Chorleywood (you will bump into her at some point!). She loves to cook and bake (surprise!) for family and friends, so make sure you get an invite at some point, you wont regret it!

Mrs Z Mubarak

Zimara has been working with Early Years for almost 24 yrs (shes the wise one of the group!) and holds a Diploma in Montessori education. She values the importance of creating a positive, loving and nurturing environment for the young children. She enjoys baking cakes (novelty cakes mind you) and is a very skilled seamstress, which comes in handy when the kids rip their clothes or we need costumes to be made

Mrs J Glass

Joanne has always worked in care services and has a natural, motherly charm when dealing with all of the children (and in some cases the staff!). As well as being as gentle and as patient as a saint, Joanne is the Picasso of the group and ensures all of our children regularly  produce creative masterpieces (yes, you guessed it, including novelty cakes!)

Mrs S Patel

Sarika is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and made the leap into childcare after her 2 daughters were born. She is naturally drawn to solving puzzles and building things. She can regularly be found teaching our kids C++ if they show an interest in anything electronic, feel free to speak to her if you have a budding engineer in the family (warning, it can get geeky!) 

Mrs J Shah

Jianning has been working with young children for over 7 years and has an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years care and education. She loves travelling (she has literally been around the world), which makes her very cultured and she loves cooking... we are working hard to extend her love of cooking to baking