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School Fees & Funding

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 08.00  - 18.00

The school currently operates for 50 weeks a year. We are closed 1 week during Easter and 1 week during Christmas periods.

* These fees are effective from March 2024 and are subject to change.*


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Note: A minimum of 2 sessions a week is required to secure a booking

For over 3 years olds, 15 and 30 hours Funded Early Education entitlement is available, which will reduced fees accordingly (30 hours is subject to eligibility). Each child will be entitled to receive either 15 or 30 hours Funded Childcare per week, during term time only (38 weeks a year) commencing the term after their third birthday.

The table below shows the available funded sessions.


✓   = Available​

✘   = Not available

✓* = only one of these morning sessions is available

funding table little cakes.jpg



Fees are payable in full for each month in advance, via direct debit. Please complete a direct debit mandate form as part of the application and registration process.

Fees are calculated at a fixed monthly rate based on your child's weekly sessions. This is calculated by multiplying the number of weekly sessions by 50 weeks which is then divided by 12 months to produce an average monthly cost. 

Weekly Fees x 50 (weeks)/12 (months) = monthly invoice (average monthly cost)

3+ 15 hours and 30 hours funding entitlement does not include consumables or other additional services which all our privately funded sessions receive, as such, a monthly consumable fee of £50 per month for 15 hours entitlement and £100 per month for 30 hours entitlement will be applied.

Registration Fee

We require a non-refundable fee of £100.00 to secure your child's place. Your child's booking is not confirmed until this is received with all the corresponding forms completed and signed.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are accepted. Please confirm the scheme to which you belong and we will provide you with the respective account details for Little Cakes Montessori. Please ensure that all vouchers payments are scheduled to be paid into the Little Cakes Montessori account per term, in advance of term commencement.

If you have any questions regarding the information outlined above or require further assistance please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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