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November 2023 update

We are really proud of all the new children that have settled in so quickly, thank you to all of our LCM team that work hard to ensure the children are happy, secure and engaged. It can be a tough couple of months while all the children are settling in.

The last few weeks have been structured around Autumn activities. We have had fun making crafts with pumpkins, from making pumpkin soup as well as muffins to hammering nails into the pumpkins. The babies have enjoyed scrubbing them down for us and playing with water and bubbles! We have also enjoyed making firework displays using paint, straws and forks! All of these activities have really helped with the children's fine and gross motor skills.

Autumn is one of our favourite months at Little Cakes. We get to see so many changes right outside our door step. We watch the conkers fall, leaves change colour and our woods strip themselves of leaves to bare branches. These opportunities allow us to build, hunt, climb and explore. It is also a lovely baking season for us, we'll be making blackberry or apple crumble and apple/carrot muffins. We also try our hand at pumpkin carving activities!

Yoga The pre-school room have been enjoying yoga sessions for down time in the afternoons. If your child no longer naps this is a great way to help calm down, stretch, relax and of course deep breathing to wash away any anxieties!

Diwali We are looking forward to celebrating Diwali, one of India's most important religious festivals. Celebrating good triumphing over evil and a celebration of the return of gods Rama and Sita after defeating the evil king Ravana! We will be making our own lanterns to light the way home, creating Rangoli patterns and of course making some traditional Indian sweets and flatbreads. Remembrance Day This year the children will creating their own Poppies for Remembrance Day. We will also be showing the children a short CBeebies clip on Poppies and why we celebrate this special day.

Forest School Forest School is back in full force during the winter months. A beautiful time of year to enjoy bare the forest. The woods are very different in comparison to the summer months. We have more sticks, branches, and different types of bugs are visible. Over the past couple of weeks we have climbed, made mud cakes, practiced whittling using peelers and using a hammer. Forest school is a great way for children to enjoy the outdoors in all weather. Outdoor learning is a key part of our curriculum. The children learn to work together enhancing their social skills, improve their physical development and stamina, learn new vocabulary, it promotes confidence, independence and of course allows children to develop an interest in the natural surroundings and respect for the environment.


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