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July 2024 update

We cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. It seems not long ago we were toasting marshmallows in the fire pit at Christmas!


The children have all enjoyed watching the life cycle of the butterfly through observations on our caterpillars. Some children were fortunate to release them into the wild as soon as they hatched.

We have baked lots of goodies over the past few weeks including sunflower seeded bread, cookies, vegetable muffins and butterfly pastries! We hope you have enjoyed these treats.

Sadly it is time we say goodbye to some children. Some of you are making the most of going on holiday before schools break for summer so will be leaving us a little earlier. We look forward to graduation day as this is one of the most important parts of your child's journey at Little Cakes. We get to celebrate their achievements, friendships and bonds that we have formed as their teacher

Odds Farm

We had a wonderful day out at Odds Farm Park with temperatures over 28 degrees! The children had so much fun cooling down in the splash zone area. We rode on a tractor, fed barn animals and enjoyed ice cream in the adventure park. Thank you to all of the parents that helped on the day. Next year we hope to explore somewhere a little different.

Sports Day

What a fantastic day, the children were superb in participating in the races. They had been practicing for a couple of weeks and were raring to go on the day. Their excitement and enthusiasm really showed when they all reached the field. Thank you to everyone that joined in to cheer the children. A huge thank you to everyone that contributed towards the picnic. It was lovely to meet so many parents and grandparents on the day.


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