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Goodbye 2022!

Dear Parents,

We have now come to the end of 2022.

It's been an eventful year with so much that we have proudly achieved for a small independent nursery.

Let's start with our school trip to Odds farm! After 2 years of not leaving the grounds we finally ventured out on a trip! We hope this will continue and hopefully get to visit lots of new places together.

We held an amazing Ukraine fundraising event in which many of you came to help and support us. This was the first time we held an event like this so we may just try another one in the future. If you have any ideas please let us know!

We had a crazy heatwave but luckily we were fortunate enough to have water flights, make ice lollies and find shelter amongst the trees. We had some children from the pre-school room visit the local care home. They sang, baked and had a chat with the residents which made their day :). we hope to make this a regular trip a few times a year. We invited parents back into the nursery to spend a bit of time with the children. We craft, baked and the baby room held some lovely stay and play sessions.

Final notes:

  • Please ensure you take any belongings with you in case there is another cold spell over December.

  • Invoices - please ensure they are all cleared to avoid them being rolled on to next month and late payment fees.

  • Thank you for all your wonderful and thoughtful gifts. The staff never expect anything so a huge thank you from all of us!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Alpa, Katie & the team at Little Cakes.


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